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Your donations to Shir Tikvah's tzedakah funds make it possible for us to fulfill the mitzvot (obligations) of caring for the less fortunate, creating a sacred space for prayer and study, and teaching our children. Giving tzedakah is a way to celebrate joyous occasions, express appreciation, to mark our sense of time and to take a meaningful stand for our shared Jewish values.


Shir Tikvah’s Tzedakah Funds

When making a contribution to honor an individual, commemorate a yahrzeit or life cycle event, please consider the following funds.


General Funds

Shir Tikvah General Fund
Contributions to this fund provide our leadership with the flexibility to apply your gift where most needed. Your gift strengthens our ability to carry out all of our sacred commitments.
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Contributions to this fund allow the Rabbi to provide scholarships, pilot new programming or open new areas of study.  Donors can bring appropriate uses to our rabbi’s attention, but the decision on how to use the donation rests solely with the Rabbi.

Dedicated Funds

Torah (Learning)
Limmud Fund (Education) – Supports the many aspects of life-long learning, including need-based scholarships for youth to our Jewish education program and study with a Hebrew tutor, the purchase of books and materials and guest speakers.
Visiting Scholar Fund – Finances our Visiting Scholar Weekends.

Avodah (Prayer, Song, Meditation)
Siddur Fund (Prayer Book) – Ensures a supply of siddurim to welcome guests throughout the year, including High Holy Days.
Hiddur Mitzvah Fund (Make the Mitzvah Beautiful) – To purchase ritual objects and beautify the synagogue, particularly the sanctuary
Hagigah Fund (Holiday/Music/Celebration)– Supports our holiday celebrations, events to build community and explore the many facets of Jewish identity

Gemilut Hasadim – Social Justice
Kiruv Fund – (Bringing Near to Torah) – Dues support for families in need (all donations anonymous). The Kiruv Fund is used to extend subsidies to existing and prospective members who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship and need assistance to pay Shir Tikvah’s Fair Share dues.  We do so in the spirit of the traditional Jewish brit, a covenant in which both sides commit to each other. Directed confidentially by Rabbi and beit din.
K’vod haMeyt Fund (Caring for the Dignity of the Dead)-Support for indigent burial and cemetery upkeep and administration. Currently, administration and maintenance and beautification of our cemetery are shared with P’nai Or and Kol Shalom through the administrative committee of the Jewish Cemetery at River View, and are self funding through plot sales.  The ST Cemetery Fund receives a few contributions each year and the bulk of the money comes from periodic grants from the JCRV to each community’s indigent burial fund.